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Ruchi Infrastructure Limited (RIL) was incorporated on 28 August 1984 as Columbia Leasing & Finance Limited. It changed its name to Ruchi Infrastructure & Finance Limited on 2 September 1994 and again to Ruchi Infrastructure Limited on 14 June 1995. RIL is promoted by the Shahra family of Madhya Pradesh.

The 32-year old RIL is one of the largest private sector companies set up primarily to generate electrical power by conventional and non-conventional methods, to set up of liquid/solid storage tank, warehousing and logistics services for letting out on rent and to carry on the business of builders, contractors, dealers in and construction of complexes, malls, highways, flyover, runways, docks, dams, canals, ports or any other infrastructure projects.  Besides this the company has forayed into manufacture, process, refine, import, export, buy, sell and deal in edible oils, vanaspati, oils, de-hydrogenated vegetable oils, oils made or processed or solvent extracted from seeds, and to get vanaspati, soaps and lubricants made from oils or as by-products thereof.


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